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martedì 22 aprile 2014

A new special leading guide join the Alexander Bike Hotel: from skiing to cycling, the nice story of the young Chris

Here he is! The best 2014 news from our hotel is the coming of Chris. The new leading guide from Alexander Bike Hotel is a really good way to start the bike season. He is young! very young!  23 years old from Veneto, University of Urbino student,  has just start up his new work and sport challenge. The boss Roberto during winter time was looking for a new guide "tuttofare", expert in cycling, good mechanic and rider as well. And he got the best: Chris! 
The guys is really a good athlete. Coming from skiing, a long career in his mountain and Veneto's sourranding area, in the beginning of april is already the leading guide of the Alexander Hotel bike guests. A lot of energy, smiling to everybod, a sincere and funny good feeling with all the clients, helping them to find out the routes and the beauty of the Marche and Romagna hills. 
Chris has already done in a few weeks a lot of kilometres, always in the front of the group, never looking tired (as often happened to the other "old" guides like Andrea :-)...he is absolutely a natural talent of cycling, spinning his crank always strong, taking wind, never giving up! 
Good job Chris...keep us posted about your Alexander's cycling enterprises! We support you!

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

The "Meyer Austrian Fast Team" riding at Alexander. Una settimana ad alta velocità per la nostra guida Chris :-)

Eccovi una foto scattata al gruppo “ Meyer”, 15 ragazzi e ragazze austriaci che sono stati ospiti all'Alexander dal 5 al 12  aprile. Hanno inaugurato a Gabicce la loro stagione bike impegnandosi in un'intensa settimana di allenamenti con la nuova e fortissima giuda dell'Alexander Bike Hotel Chris from Friuli. 
"Hanno detto che torneranno a trovarci anche l'anno prossimo - sottolinea Roberto Colombari manager dell'Alexander - sono un gruppo molto competitivo e ben preparato e hanno trovato nel nostro Chris una guida capace di sostenere i loro ritmi agonistici. Di loro abbiamo solo questa foto di gruppo, perché, come dice lo stesso Chris , era troppo difficile fotografali mentre sfrecciavano a folle velocità. Hanno fatto la crono squadre Fano Pesaro ai 50 all'ora, ma anche tante salite, tra Urbino, Monte Altavellio, Montecopiolo, Cippo, San Marino, etc".  

martedì 15 aprile 2014

A nice "swedish bike week"end at Gabicce: the Sky Blue Team from Stockholm riding with the Alexander's cycling passion! See u soon girls :-)

Twenty girls, twenty good nice swedish riders joined with us the Alexander bike passion! This is the story of the Sky Blue Team from Stockholm, a new group from the capital, a new bike challenge from Sweden. Some of them just started up cycling, first experience with their Bianchi bicycle.  
Some (as the girl in the photo below) very famous! She is Susanne Ljungskok, an ex professional rider, the best in the Sweden cycling history with two gold medal in the world cycling pro championship 2002-2003 editions. 
 Now Susanne is the trainer of the Sky Blue Team, following the girls with her precious advices in their bike tours. First day in Gabicce was a bike "warm up" going to 40km ride to Panoramica Road with the guides Claudio and Andrea. A nice atmosphere a good feeling and a fantastic weather pretty much warm than Stockholm :-)
 Second day ride to Mondaino, Saludecio and Valconca valley, some climbs and a works out with the bike on the roads. In the afternoon a guided visit to a famous wine factory in Ancona joining the italian and Marche region lifestyle. 
 Third ride on saturday splitting the groups: one to San Marino, the slower to Fano, a flat road 60km to get the best icecream at Pino Bar and having fun all together. 
 And in the night the classic Alexander special dinner and then the Elvis guitar rock show! Looking forward seeing you soon in Gabicce Sky Blue Team ! You are always welcome!